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August 6th, 2012 Comments Off

Thomas & Betts Elastimold recloser launch

“What is a recloser?” you may ask. For electric utilities, they’re used on powerlines to detect outages and help reroute power.

Thomas & Betts asked PJD to “break the mold” in terms of how product launches are done at the company.

After exploring launch ideas to be used in all marketing materials, our team, including writer Steve Weiner, developed a theme that emphasizes Elastimold brand’s trusted name for subterranean power distribution: “The best underground is now overhead.”

The deliverables encompassed a full range of promotional materials including advertising, collateral, event invitations, presentations, trade show materials and a press kit. The launch at the 2012 IEEE PES Conference created excitement for the new product. Thomas & Betts received very good feedback and most importantly, customers were asking for quotes for the new recloser.

Case reclosed.



[Press kit with brochure]

[Trade ad]

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